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Blue Water
Blue Water

Insurance and Billing


Thank you for choosing Aqua Dynamics Physical Therapy to help you get back to feeling your best self.  We have made the billing process as simple as possible.  Here is a bit of information:

  • First, we will verify your benefits and determine if you will have any copay for your physical therapy

  • When you visit, we will collect a copay as needed and apply it to your account with us

  • We take care of submitting a claim to your insurance company so they are aware of your appointment. Be aware that it can take the insurance company up to 45 days to process a claim

  • Once it has been processed, we review the claim and let you know if you have a balance or a refund coming your way

Blue Water



  • Aetna

  • Medicare

  • Workers Compensation

  • United Health Care Medicare Advantage Plan

  • Humana Medicare Advantage Plan

  • Medicaid

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